Tuesday, 28 September 2010

An Inspirational Demo..

Yesterday evening saw a demonstration of the amazing Dutch Hanneke Frankema at work. Hanneke is an award winning designer, Florist, shop owner and competition judge, who it seems, has a penchant for cutting up rather gorgeous, (and dare I say it, rather expensive,) plants.

In fact, she uses planted materials so much, especially Ceropegia, that she's growing a whole wall of it in her new shop to cut off when she needs it!

This first design, (which is definitely one of our favourites,) uses Rosa 'Avalanche', Hypericum, Ornathogalum and Phalenopsis Orchids which were cut from their plant! It seems a shame to cut the Orchids, but they do look stunning in this piece.

How lovely is this for Christmas? Hanneke has used baubles as mini-vases for an assortment of mini Gerberas, Eucharis, Cyclamens, Ornathogalems and - wait for it - Carnations!

This was a huge design - the largest of the night! Using Banana sticks and water vials as a structure in a black glass vase, Hanneke used Rosa 'Avalanche,' Amaryllis, Longiflorum Lily and Anthuriums in amongst Steel Grass for a very modern design.

We're loving nearly all of the work we saw at the demo - and will be bringing aspects of the Dutch design into the shop - although we really aren't convinced by these hanging Heliconia vellerigera 'King Kong!!'

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