Monday, 25 October 2010

Jack O Lanterns and Cobwebs..

It's coming up to that time again where Children run around in sheets being ghosts and demand sweets at the door  - Oh how we love Halloween!!

We think that Pumpkins are the best part though.. and instead of carving scary faces into them, we've made fabulous Autumnal arrangements and given them pride of place in our 'Gothic Halloween' window.

If you're having a Halloween Party this weekend, pop in and see us with a Pumpkin that fits your table or sideboard (available just down the street at Mary Jenkins for under £4) and we'll do the magic! Prices start from just £25.

 Even the window mice will be hiding from the Monsters in the High Street this weekend!

Take care and have fun this weekend!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Our Workshops have begun!

Wednesday night saw the shop transformed into a pre-christmas grotto of cinnamon and orange at the first of our workshops! We made Christmas wreaths which can be kept cool for Christmas and touched up nearer to the time with foliages from the garden.

In glass bowls along the tables were scented cinnamon sticks wrapped with raffia, orange, grapefruit and lime slices, along with pine cones, whole oranges and glitzy baubles for those who wanted to take the less-rustic approach!

After the first stage of mossing the wreath, the ladies began their design with Pine and Fir and handled the thick wires very, very well! Then, of course comes the extra fun bit - the decoration!


We were amazed at how everyone produced very different designs with the same materials - we hope you enjoyed yourselves and think you all made wonderful designs, well done!


Monday, 18 October 2010

Hurrah! We're back!

After a hectic couple of weeks, we're back with some more updates for you. To ease you in gently, we've taken some snappy snaps of the new gifts in the shop..

 Gorgeous new Handmade soaps and Bath Bombs by Sarah.. lots of tempting new flavours!

We're loving this beautiful Biggie Best cup and saucer set.. which matches our plate sets too.

Christmas is trying to sneak its way in.

Lots of fabulous Autumnal colours are filling the shop now, with deep reds and burnt oranges.

Mr & Mrs Ratty seem to like it in the shop too.. look at that knitwear.. so cute!

And last but not least, meet our cute furry chicks and bunnies! (Egbert and Peter, obviously..) Perfect little pressies.. plus, they come in finger puppets as well, along with a tiny sheep and mouse!


Thursday, 7 October 2010

Gifts & goodies..

Perfect gifts and pressies for any special occasion - or even a little treat for you! Don't forget that we will happily gift wrap for you too.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Featured Hand Tied: The Wellingtonian

We're creating a new range of bouquets to make it easier for you to choose the perfect bunch. Of course, each hand tied or bouquet will still be totally unique and you will always have the choice to pick your own colours or flowers!

The first of our featured bouquets is...

The Wellingtonian
A classic, fresh country bouquet in greens and whites, including local blooms where possible.

The flowers included are due to change depending on the season, however this £50 Wellingtonian  consists of  4 beautiful scented Lilies, Freesias, 6 Avalanche Roses,  Chincherinchees, Ammi, Thalaspi and Pittosporum.

This is our large sized Hand-Tied - ranging from £45 - £75, but can also be created in Small, (£10 - £25) or Medium, (£25 - £45.)

Coming Soon!
The Duke
The Monument
The Blackdown

Saturday, 2 October 2010

A little treat....

Keep your eyes peeled around Wellington for one of our 10% discount vouchers.. we're not telling you exactly where they are, (where's the fun in that?!) but they are in some shops!

By becoming a friend of our blog, (right hand side, "follow this blog") you can receive these limited discounts via email. Don't worry - we will only email you when we have something really good to share - we hate spam too!

If you become a friend by the 30th of November, we will e-mail you a voucher to print off at home. (Right-clicking this image won't do!) Vouchers are redeemable on flowers and shop items, but wedding flowers and interiors are excluded.

Enjoy! :)
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