Saturday, 30 November 2013

In memory...

Today's wedding was in Crowcombe, a stunning village in the Quantock Hills, West Somerset.
The house, Crowcombe Court, a fabulous English Regional Baroque style property completed in 1739, with the village church sitting at the bottom of the drive. The church houses an amazing chandelier that has many candles to light. It comes with a story... The vicar of the church during the 1950's lost his wife unexpectedly and so had this fabulous piece of craftsmanship commissioned in her memory, I thought you deserved to see it!

Monday, 25 November 2013

Today we donned our Wellingtons

It's great to have a friend who owns a piece of woodland, we donned our wellingtons and began our adventures collecting and foraging...
Yes I fell over, fortunately not crossing the stream, and the landing was soft! So did Sandy, but like a true gatherer, she held onto the cones... Not one lost!
The day was beautiful... And so is our collection x

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