Monday, 4 October 2010

Featured Hand Tied: The Wellingtonian

We're creating a new range of bouquets to make it easier for you to choose the perfect bunch. Of course, each hand tied or bouquet will still be totally unique and you will always have the choice to pick your own colours or flowers!

The first of our featured bouquets is...

The Wellingtonian
A classic, fresh country bouquet in greens and whites, including local blooms where possible.

The flowers included are due to change depending on the season, however this £50 Wellingtonian  consists of  4 beautiful scented Lilies, Freesias, 6 Avalanche Roses,  Chincherinchees, Ammi, Thalaspi and Pittosporum.

This is our large sized Hand-Tied - ranging from £45 - £75, but can also be created in Small, (£10 - £25) or Medium, (£25 - £45.)

Coming Soon!
The Duke
The Monument
The Blackdown

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