Thursday, 21 October 2010

Our Workshops have begun!

Wednesday night saw the shop transformed into a pre-christmas grotto of cinnamon and orange at the first of our workshops! We made Christmas wreaths which can be kept cool for Christmas and touched up nearer to the time with foliages from the garden.

In glass bowls along the tables were scented cinnamon sticks wrapped with raffia, orange, grapefruit and lime slices, along with pine cones, whole oranges and glitzy baubles for those who wanted to take the less-rustic approach!

After the first stage of mossing the wreath, the ladies began their design with Pine and Fir and handled the thick wires very, very well! Then, of course comes the extra fun bit - the decoration!


We were amazed at how everyone produced very different designs with the same materials - we hope you enjoyed yourselves and think you all made wonderful designs, well done!



  1. A truly fab evening! I had a ball & can't wait for all the other evenings you may have planned!

  2. We're so glad you had a great time Pip! I'm sat here planning the post-Christmas workshops as we speak! Pop in and see us again soon - we have lots of Christmas goodies now too!


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