Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Break the mould! A guide to Buttonholes & Corsages.

Buttonholes don't have to be boring & consist of a Carnation and Leatherleaf.. they're a great way to express your personality at any event! Not only for Weddings, corsages look amazing at parties and dinners - and can be worn on your wrist, bag, shoes or in your hair.. anything is possible!

Anything can be included too - not just flowers and beads! The above designs are of Anemones, Conkers and Quail eggs for a country walk design and red spray Roses, Blackberries and Acorns for a cornucopia of Autumn... Vintage lace and buttons, as well as berries and bark also look fabulous.

If you don't want to be too bold, a boutonniere is the perfect design. Smaller than a buttonhole and consisting of just one or two blooms, they're lovely on a jacket for lunch out or a more casual occasion.

..and of course, the classic rose buttonhole is timeless. Teamed with another seasonal or favourite bloom, (here we have used Hydrangea,) they ooze sophistication.

Or why not go for something completely different - floral jewellery. We can create any shape or colour necklace to compliment your outfit perfectly.. you'll certainly stand out from the crowd! xx

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