Sunday, 26 June 2011

... and Elsie!

The week has been full of beautiful things, some we even managed to catch on camera...

A birthday dinner with jam jars and teacups...

A garden party of beautiful Annabel Hydrangea, Ammi, spray rose, Lissianthus and Alchamilla. (no pics sorry)

A wedding of delicious smells, mint, rosemary, sage and euc, with Sweetpeas, Dutchess de Month, Stocks and Upper Secret, Memory Lane, Hypnose, Super Bubbles, Pepita and white Naomi roses.

A gerbera wedding... (last weeks...)!

And Elsie...


  1. The wedding is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!! Well done!! :D xx

  2. OMG I love what you did with the gerbers. pulling the petals off.. LOVE that look. ALSO love the kitty we got a new kitty too. about 9 weeks old~


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